by Studio Komplekt




Event management & Concept: Studio Komplekt

Set Design: Eva Ventova

Illustration: Chark Collective

Video: Vladislav Iliev - Vladzen

Text: Bossilena Melteva, Emil Dilkin

Sound Design: Kaloyan Dimitrov



A three day exhibition on the occasion of the special presentation of the new MINI Countryman in Sofia, Bulgaria in the gallery of PhotoSynthesis, Sofia. The main curatorial idea is to give shape to the leading slogan “add stories“, part of the international campaign of the brand, through three art installations with the participation of Bulgarian artists from the field of design, video, illustration, text and sound. The installations are set apart physically in three different rooms.


The second interaction is focused on the video installation by Vladislav Iliev / Phormatik /, which shows what is happening at some of the best ski resorts in the world via live streams. Through them one can witness what the weather is and how crowded the slopes are in France, Italy, USA, etc.