Apart is a documentary theatre play inspired by stories and interviews from the book "Artists with Silver in Hair".

APART is a term in theater that denotes the character's words spoken sideways, not to the interviewee or partner, but to the audience. Apart may also be a form of monologue, which in theater becomes a direct dialogue with the audience ...


Text Curator: Ludmila Slaneva

Directed by Ilko Ganev

Cast: Anthony Penev, Borisa Sarafova, Dimitar Krumov,

Nadya Keranova, Petya Boncheva, Sevar Ivanov

Video Design & Mapping: Vladislav Iliev

Photo: Orlin Ognyanov, Svetoslav Karadjov 

Graphic Design: Nikolas Dimitroff

Video Production: Pavel Pavlov


Produced by Azaryan Theatre, Sofia