Innovative interactive laboratory

for sound artists, visual artists, cross-media artists, dancers, performers and scientists.


The event takes place in varying cities throughout Europe and features experimental and electronic music in dialogue with visual and performing arts. For its fifteenth edition, the CAMP festival will take place in Sofia from May 22 to May 27, 2017. It will become a German—Bulgarian art and research project that will gather renowned artists from the Bulgarian and German scene, which for several days during specially organized workshops will create a unique artwork for the Bulgarian and Sofia audience in particular. 

German—Bulgarian Art Collaboration

Electronic Music meets Media Arts and Performance


The participating artists are:
Vincent Wikström (DE), Vincent Orange (DE), Vladislav Iliev—Vladzen (BG), Iskra Prodanova (BG), Yoana Robova—Halojo (BG), Kurt Laurenz Theinert (DE), Kurt Holzkämper (DE), Lilith Becker Nero Friktschn Feuerherdt (DE), Lukas Hertzsch (DE), Mirian Kolev (BG), Petko Tanchev (BG), Polina Stoyanova—Jo Iyaa (BG), Stanislav Genadiev (BG), Thomas Maos (DE), Fried Dähn (DE).