The Picture of Dorian Gray

based on the Oscar Wilde novel of the same name

adaptation by John O'Connor and Merlin Holland


Translation by  Denitsa Dimitrova

Directed by  Stayko Murdzhev


A magical portrait begins to age as the young man painted on it retains its beauty and charm. But what is the cost of eternal youth? Is it worth it to win the whole world if you lose your soul?



The Dorian Gray Portrait is a spectacle of the cult of youth and beauty, of narcissism as a disease of the spirit, of the fine line between art and life, of hedonism as a way of being, and of what happens to the soul hidden behind external perfection. A spectacle - an amalgam between theater and literature, combining the Oscar Wilde era with cosmopolitan living here and now, searching for the contemporary key to one of the greatest works of literary classics.



Stage Version and Direction - Stayko Murdzhev

Stage Design (team): Teodor Kiryakov, Stayko Murdzhev,

Petya Boyukova, Vladislav Iliev

Costumes - Petya Boyukova

Music - Peter Dundakov

Choreography and Plastics - Stanislav Genadiev

Video Design & Mapping - Vladislav Iliev

Consultant (Speech) - Mariana Yotova

Playwright and assistant director - Irena Ivanova


Produced by Nikola Vaptsarov Drama Theatre,


In coproduction with Azaryan Theatre, Sofia