FRACTUS is a visual dance performance in which bodies interact with each other in a certain geometric structure. In the performance, this internal relationship develops in many layers, building a universal pattern in the relationship, which associatively leads the viewer to a personal experience.


This visual expression follows the natural regularity of fractals, which are geometric shapes made up of smaller, similar parts. They move in the so-called organized chaos, in which each component develops its own trajectory, limited to a common geometric figure. The concept of the performance provides an opportunity to observe from different perspectives, which allows the viewer to build their own three-dimensional space.

Concept and Choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov

Visuals & Mapping: Vladislav Iliev

Music: Ivan Shopov

Cast: Ivona Mashova, Simona Todorova, Philip Milanov,

Vyara Bolgradova

Production manager: Atanas Maev

Project coordinator: Milena Videnova
Project assistant: Isabel Mitkova

Camera: Nikolay Karasabev, Dimitаr Kunev, Alexаnder Genchev 
Video editor: Nikolay Karasabev


Produced by Derida Center and Clash Project