Lika Yanko

by Kvadrat 500 Gallery


The unique presence of Lika Yanko (1928–2001) on the Bulgarian art scene was marked by one of her few public exhibitions, censored and closed in 1967. The reason was a number of artworks ‘not meeting the requirements’. However, this trauma did not prevent the artist, in the years to come, from tenaciously building her own childishly spontaneous and biblically wise world of images and forms. 


Lika Yanko’s drawings are less well known, and an acquaintance with them best reveals the intense, practically constant process of ‘rationalising’ the world through stroke and line. In order to present this aspect of the artist’s oeuvre, the National Gallery is again collaborating with the curator Ivo Milev and Studio Phormatik.

They directed an innovative exposition of the artist’s previously unexhibited drawings from the collection of Vladimir Iliev and Alexander Toshev by means of multimedia technologies and specialised lighting.



Concept by Vladislav Iliev

Curator: Ivo Milev

Motion Design: Mihail Iliev, Ivelina Ivanova, Vladislav Iliev

Technical Director: Mario Stoynov

Music: Kalin Nikolov

Camera: Marin Kafedjiiski


Commissioned by National Gallery "Kvadrat 500" Sofia