Mixing vanity

A multidisciplinary performance combining Jazz, electronica, theatre, fashion and video art. ____________________


Jazz, electronica, theatre, fashion and video art are the key elements of this complex narrative where vanity is the main protagonist.
The performance explores the boundaries between narcissism and humility in a world of vanity as a role model and screens as its mirrors, while beauty still seeks its justification.

DIMITAR BODUROV, concept & music

ALEXANDER GERGINOV, stylist & staging

NELLY MITEVA, designer

VLADISLAV ILIEV, visuals & mapping

DIMITAR IVANOV, light design

dresses by IVAN ASSEN 22, a platform for conceptual design



Cast: Irmena Chichikova, Ilina Slavova, Alexandra Kamburova,

Desislava Goranova

Music: Dimitar Bodurov, Rosen Zahariev, Dimitar Semov


Made possible with the financial support of:

Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Varna,

Art Office foundation

Premieré at Radar festival, Varna 3 Aug 2019


Produced by Dimitar Bodurov

Executive producer Svetlozara Hristova